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HIRSCH Caoutchouc Watch Band "Urbane", 20-22 mm, black, new!

HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc | The best raw material for functional bracelets | Round design | Designed precision edge | Integrated loop keeper | Length "normal"

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Optional clasps & tools:


You may choose to substitute the mounted buckle with your desired buckle.

  • HIRSCH06002
A bracelet of cultivated and timeless character. Its sturdy body suits a wide variety of... more
Product information "HIRSCH Caoutchouc Watch Band "Urbane", 20-22 mm, black, new!"

A bracelet of cultivated and timeless character. Its sturdy body suits a wide variety of watches. HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc watch bands are absolutely water-resistant, dimensionally stable, tear-proof and resistant to external influence, such as UV light, chemicals and extreme heat or cold. The concave shape of the bottom of the strap ensures perfect ventilation.

HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc bracelets are perfectly suitable for people with sensitive skin. HIRSCH watch bands are sauna-proofed. Even the combination of heat, moisture and perspiration does not harm them. They stay in shape, remain supple and pleasant to wear. The strap comes with a high-quality, polished spring-bar buckle (replaceable) by HIRSCH Classic Design, made from nickel-free L316 stainless steel and 2 fitted HIRSCH Quick-Release spring-bars.

These high-quality straps with round design, designed precision edge on bracelet and loops and integrated loop keeper provide for a perfect match for larger chronographs and sporty wristwatches. This watch band is well suited for people with regular wrist sizes.


The short part is measured without buckle.

Width at watch
Width at buckle
Long part
Short part

Size 20 mm:

20 mm
16 mm
120 mm
80 mm
4.5-2.7 mm

Size 22 mm:

22 mm
18 mm
120 mm
80 mm
5.0-3.0 mm



Due to different monitor settings, small differences in the real color reproduction can occur.

Length: normal
Thickness: heavy padded
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