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Our Watches ABC - special terms explained – Part 2

Here is the continuation of our new blog format - Our Watches ABC.


Manual winding

The manual winding is the manual way to make a watch run. The winding crown is tensioned by hand and thus provides a power reserve of up to 40 hours. 



Indications are all devices with which the passage of time is represented. The so-called indication sheets help in this respect. Not only the time can be displayed, but also the moon phases, the respective date or the time in other time zones.


Year clock

A so-called annual clock has a power reserve of a whole year. Therefore it only needs to be wound once. In order to guarantee a smooth functioning, an annual clock is equipped with a special movement, which is particularly reliable.



The caliber is a designation for the movement used. It describes the shape and size of the movement in question. The caliber number stands for the movement type of the watch. Using this number, a watchmaker can correctly select and reorder the appropriate spare parts for a particular watch as required.



The crown is located on the side of the watch case and is a ribbed control element with which the time or other displays can be set. On watches with manual winding, the crown also serves to wind the watch. In the past, even pocket watches had to be wound with the key. Nowadays, this is done with the crown - the "interface between user and watch" so to speak.



The bezel is a border around the dial of a watch. Bezels vary greatly from watch type to watch type. In a small watch, the bezel is a part of the watch case. In a large watch, the bezel is a decorative ring around the dial.


Military Watches

Military watches are watches that are particularly precise and very robust.

The large dial with dark tones makes the numbers and hands very easy to read. In addition, water resistance and shock resistance are among the characteristics of a military watch. 


Zero Count Alarm

A stop watch running backwards has a zero count alarm. It emits a signal tone when the target time of 0 minutes and 0 seconds is reached. The zero count alarm is also called a countdown timer.


Officer's watches

Officer's clocks are technically perfect and decorative travel clocks from the 18th and 19th centuries. These clocks had a brass case and were equipped with a striking mechanism and repetition. In some cases, the officers' clocks also had an alarm clock movement. The Swiss officer's watches with gilded bronze cases are particularly famous.


A continuation will follow!


Your WACCEX team.


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